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Dissonance Volume I: Reality is…PUBLISHED!

Hello to my friends and family!

Thank you for reading my blog, and welcome to my new site for my new novel series, “Dissonance.”

Many of you know that I made an attempt to return to music in 2023 that ultimately failed. But there burns within me a fire to create, and all my life I’ve put together products and commemorative keepsakes that leave a legacy. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do: create something memorable. Last year it was with music.

This year it’s with authoring. I’ve penned five books on multimedia production/business, as well as a biography many years ago, AND in the early nineties, I wrote nearly an entire fictional novel…which I subsequently deleted. It didn’t represent where I was going in my life at the time, nor where I wanted to go, so I killed it off.

But that fire never died. It was reborn in October as I set to work on a novel trilogy entitled “Dissonance.” In just three weeks I had penned the first volume in that fictional series, Volume I: Reality. I am currently 53 pages into Volume II: Reckoning. This is a story that has inspired me, terrified me, motivated me, encouraged me, and pushed my creative desire forward. It represents elements from literature and cinema that have inspired me, terrified me, motivated me, and encouraged me. It is sci-fi/dystopian/post-apocalyptic in nature, and is a non-stop thrill ride with intrigue, terror, questioning, learning, and decisions.

I LOVE BEING AN AUTHOR! And I love being a published one! If you like fiction – and even if you don’t – would you consider supporting me please? I’m a tremendously happy and grateful guy, but even more so when I create. And I’m loving this new chapter in my life.

You can grab a copy of the first volume of my books from the Shop page by clicking here. There are several options to choose from: signed paperback and hardcover editions, or purchases through Amazon or on Kindle. I’m also 3 chapters into recording the audiobook for my first novel.

Thank you so much for your support! I deeply appreciate it! Each novel sold supports my family, and so please believe me when I say that I’m immeasurably grateful.


Aaron Ryan, author