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Book Reviews!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic week! I’m looking forward to the Kent Farmers Market this weekend and holding another booth there with my books!

For those of you who have read any of my books in ANY format (Audible / Kindle / Paperback / Hardcover)? If so, can you please take a moment to go to these links and leave reviews for the ones that you’ve read / reviewed / listened to? I can’t stress enough how much reviews help. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this! One of the biggest things that stop buyers from buying books is low reviews, or too many negative reviews.

Here are the links:

Dissonance Volume Zero: RevelationDissonance Volume I: Reality

Dissonance Volume II: ReckoningDissonance Volume III: Renegade

I would be SO grateful for your help! Thank you so much for this! Please leave a comment below and let me know which book has been your favorite so far. Thank you!

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“Dissonance” is a great success…because of YOU

The month of June has seen SO much success.

I’ve already had $1281.79 in sales online and off. So far this year, 1880 units have been sold. Soooo cool! Very thankful right now for all of my readers, including you! My “Dissonance” alien invasion book saga appears to be a hit! 🙂 I want to thank all of you for your support and readership!

I want to thank all of you who have supported me in this. I had a WONDERFUL vendor market this past weekend at the LoveOly Festival in downtown Olympia, and met so many wonderful readers. Thank you for stopping by! Next up? Kent Farmers Market! Be sure to check the News page to see where I’ll be holding a booth next.

Have you read my books? Please take a moment to leave a review for the book on Amazon and Goodreads, if you wouldn’t mind – I would be so grateful. I can’t even begin to tell you how important positive reviews are in terms of momentum and awareness. Thank you so much for considering!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the book you’ve read!

The screenplay is coming along really well, and I can’t wait to present news of it to you.

I just finished narrating Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation this morning and that audiobook will be released soon as well. MANY thanks to my friend Vance Pease for listening to all of them, and to Walker Armstrong, Shirley St. James, and of course my beloved bride Janine for reading them through.

Thank you again, all of you – thank you so much for sharing in this journey with me!

Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation… PUBLISHED!

It gives me more pleasure and happiness than I could possibly even begin to muster to announce the release of Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation! This novel is the prequel to my “Dissonance” alien invasion trilogy, and that makes it a QUAD-rilogy. I’m SO grateful!

And if there was any doubt, it’s currently #1 top new release in a category on Amazon, along with its neighbor, Dissonance Volume III: Renegade, taking the #2 spot! I call that a good day when they’re taking up the top two spots. Thank you Lord!

I didn’t feel released from the trilogy, so I went back and wrote a prequel, and I’m so glad I did. There is so much heart in this story. So much family. So much silliness. So much of everything that you and I experience every single day…before everything goes horribly wrong with the arrival of the gorgons.

I hope you’ll check it out and grab yourself a copy. This will be my new career. Thank you so much for your support!

You can get it direct from my Dissonance website in paperback or hardcover, on Kindle, and the audiobook is coming as well. OR – you can get the whole Kindle box set. Again, thank you all so very much for your support.

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you! And THANK YOU to all of you for your help with the cover and the log line, “We thought they were angelic messengers. We were wrong.”

Dissonance Volume III: Renegade is NUMBER ONE!

Exciting news! Dissonance Volume III: Renegade reached NUMBER ONE in two categories this week! Meaning? THESE ARE NOT JUST MONSTER OR ALIEN BOOKS! I’ve penned a quadrilogy that has turned out to be something RICH in storyline, full of heart, and utterly compelling, and I’m SO grateful for it! Let me know in the comments if you’ve read it yet!

Check out the following screenshots showing #1 in Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Action & Adventure eBooks and Teen & Young Adult Aliens eBooks:

So, with that, be sure to check out the Amazon Series Page or my own Shopping page and get yourself a copy of any (or all!) of my books, signed, sealed and delivered. Thank you all for your support! I’m THRILLED! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Incredible News!

Happy Friday! Here’s a bullet point update for some awesome news!

  1. Dissonance Volume III: Renegade publishes on my 51st birthday – TOMORROW! Yep, 5.18.24. What would make a wonderful birthday gift for me? Buy my books please! And when you’re done, leave a positive review on Amazon. Those go a LONG way. Thanks! 🙂
  2. In other news, the prequel, Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation is DONE! I started it on 4.29.24 and finished it yesterday, 5.16.24. As with Dissonance Volume I: Reality, it took me only three weeks to write it. CRAZY! It’s deeply moving, stirring, and had me bawling at points. Not kidding. You see what this family went through when the gorgons came. I’m so happy I didn’t move on after the trilogy was done because this prequel is POWERFUL. It’s been submitted to my wonderful wife for editing!
  3. And in more news, Screenwriter Alan Roth is working hard on the screenplay for Dissonance Volume I: Reality, and I am giggling with anticipation like an 11-year-old schoolgirl. So exciting!
  4. And in yet still OTHER news, I get to host an author signing at Barnes & Noble! They’re carrying my books, so on August 10th at the Olympia branch I’ll be signing books. Check the News page: this summer is chalk-full of signings and trade show booths. Super stoked!
  5. And in even yet still more further additional OTHER news, if you’re an audiobook listener, Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning is now available on Audible!

You can buy any of the books here, or you visit the links above. THANK YOU ENDLESSLY FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


New Website, Editor, and…Trilogy Complete!

Hello everyone! It gives me great pride to announce my new author website, right here! Check it out.

I just published my thirteenth book, a book of poetry. It’s called Reflections. Check it out here!

And my twelfth book is right around the corner, and that’s Dissonance Volume III: Renegade! The trilogy is complete! I’m just awaiting some feedback from a few Senior Airmen and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force to verify some details about some of my narratives, but it’s going to be published on my 51st birthday, and I’m SO grateful. I had a lot of massive help from my wife, which brings me to my next point:

My beautiful wife Janine is now an editor! Check out her website, Denouement Editing! I’m so proud of her and excited for her! She’s helped me edit the last few books, and without them they’d be a mess. Thank you honey bun! Check out her Facebook page as well please. Thanks for supporting her!

The prequel, Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation, is coming along really, really well. I’m now at 116 pages, and they’ve come to the point of the alien invasion, so here’s where it gets scary.

Please leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you! Have you purchased any of the books yet? What did you think of them? I’d love your thoughts. Also, if you would be kind enough to visit my author page on Amazon, select the book you bought/obtained, and please leave me a review, I would be immeasurably grateful. Those go a long way in developing traction. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I’ve never been happier in my creative pursuits – thank you for allowing me to share them with you! This summer is LOADED with trade shows – check out the News page and you’ll see – and I’m tremendously excited.

Thanks so much for following, and for your support, I would be nothing without it! Leave a comment below; I’d love to hear from you.



Screenplays, Trilogies & Prequels, oh my!

Well, I’m done! Just awaiting feedback from a few people including my beautiful wife on Dissonance Volume III: Renegade, and then it will publish on my 51st birthday, May 18th. (Fitting, isn’t it? Area 51 is full of aliens….my book is about aliens. Yeah. That.)

I mean it when I say that Dissonance Volume III: Renegade is POWERFUL. It’s going to blow you away!

BUT! I didn’t feel “released” from the trilogy yet, and I love where this story has gone, so I’ve begun work on a prequel. It is called….drum roll please… “Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation.” It’s going to cover when the gorgons actually arrived, and the mayhem that ensued. And, for your viewing pleasure, check out the cover!

ALSO! GREAT NEWS, if you haven’t heard already….I’m partnering with Alan Roth of Act Two Media to develop a screenplay of Dissonance Volume I: Reality for pitching to producers of streaming services like Netflix, Paramount+, Apple TV, Prime Video, etc.. I’m THRILLED with this development and ask for your prayers that it will go well and that we’ll get some interested parties. SUPER stoked about this.

Thank you for your support! Let me know what you think of the trilogy so far! How do you like the cover? What do you think about the news of the screenplay being created? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again!

Just a book about aliens?

Anything but!

With “Dissonance,” I really wanted to write a story about justice vs. revenge. I think we often confuse the two. My series takes place during a post-apocalyptic time where the earth has been ravaged by aliens that we’ve called “gorgons” due to their ability to telepathically freeze you where you stand, and consume you at their leisure. They’re truly terrifying.

But the subtle undercurrent, the referendum being made, is that even after 16 years of alien invasion, we’re still not getting along. We’re still living in dissonance. And there are those who are still confusing justice with revenge in their quest to solve the issues they see around them.

Check out Dissonance Volume I: Reality and Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning today, before Volume III drops in June 2024. Volume III is currently at 374 pages! It is truly one heckuva whopper. I can’t wait to send it out there and share it with the masses, because it’ s heavy. It’s epic. It’s awesome. Spoiler? Mankind wins back the earth. YAY!

Check out my series today – and thanks for your support!


Aaron Ryan

“Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning” is HERE!

How ’bout that cover, huh? Dissonance Volume II is PUBLISHED!!! The paperback and hardcovers will be available soon, both directly through me as well as through Amazon, but you can PRE-ORDER your copy at my new Square Store >>> HERE <<< by using coupon code THREEOFF for $3 off Volume II as well as Volume I.

The Kindle copy is available for ordering now at this link.

I mean it when I say that I am THRILLED with how Volume II turned out. Friends, family, this isn’t just a “monster book” or an “alien book.” The protagonist, Cameron Shipley, is struggling with real faith and morality issues, and it’s a journey for him, and an intense one at that! It’s been so cool to watch him go through it, and there are characters of deep substance in my novel that will blow you away. I wrote my best chapter ever in Volume II, entitled “Cardona.” It’s AMAZING.

Also, have you checked the “News” page? I’ve done several interviews already, and now I’m in Orca Books and Browser’s Bookstores in Olympia, and about to get into Half Price Books as well!

Thank you for your support! I’m so grateful, and my heart is full. This has been an intense journey, and so richly satisfying.

207 pages so far on Volume III: Renegade!


I reached number one everyone, LOOK!

I ran a special to feature my e-book for free today, and nearly 1,000 people have grabbed it so far today alone!

I’m absolutely ecstatic! But I still have a way to go in some of the other categories, so TODAY ONLY, the Kindle version is FREE! Would you consider supporting me by CLICKING HERE to getting a Kindle version, paperback or hardcover through Amazon and help me to the top of the other categories below as well?

And PLEASE leave a positive review ASAP – those help tremendously too. This will set momentum for Volume II, which will be released later this month!

Thanks to all of you for your support! I’m BEYOND ecstatic and grateful!


Volume 2 is coming, and I Need Your Vote!

Hello to my family, friends and readers…THANK YOU for sharing in this journey with me! I am deeply grateful for your support.

UPDATE ONE > Just a little note to tell you that Dissonance Volume 2: Reckoning is almost here! I finished writing it last week, and sent it off to a pro editor yesterday. It clocks in at 306 pages; a little less than Volume II. But I am tremendously excited for this one as it is far more intense and compelling than Volume I, building off of the calamities that took place there, and setting the stage for the ultimate showdown in Volume III. There is SO much weight to Volume II, I barely made it through it. It’s enormously moving and motivating, I mean it. I never knew the story would grow this big, but it’s enormous and powerful!

UPDATE THREE > Also, I need your help! I am undecided on the cover for Volume II, and need your thoughts and input. Please let me know what you think is best, given what you know of the story so far, the gorgon monster, and the title of Volume II. Please indicate in the comments below if you prefer 1, 2, or 3. Thanks so much for your help!

And UPDATE FOUR > Don’t forget about the upcoming book signings for Federal Way this Saturday March 2nd, Shoreline on Saturday March 16th, and Olympia on Saturday March 30th with FREE pizza! Be sure to RSVP at those links for which one(s) you can make.

Thanks again for reading, and for your support!

Audiobook / Book Signing Party!

Hello friends and family, and happy Wednesday!

Just a quick note to let you know that if you’re an audiobook listener, you’re in luck! Dissonance, Volume I: Reality just dropped in audiobook form! Clocking in at 8 hours and 25 minutes, it’s a thrill ride! >>> Check it out at this link! <<<

And don’t forget – if you haven’t seen the Evites yet and are in or around the Seattle area, I’m holding not one but TWO book signing release parties:

>>> Click either of those above links to RSVP. <<< See you there for FREE pizza! Bring your book (or I’ll have some you can snag, along with a free bookmark), and I’ll answer any non-spoiler questions you have!

Thanks again SO MUCH for your support – it means the world to me. I’m currently 188 pages into Volume II, and the storyline is growing more and more intense and captivating. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a great day.



Get your copy of “Dissonance Volume I: Reality” now!

Some great things are happening, everyone, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

  • Check out my newly-released promo video (above).
  • Check out this fantastic interview with Tellest!
  • Check out my News page to see where I’ve been featured lately!
  • Check out the Reviews page to see what people are saying about Dissonance Volume I: Reality!

And finally, get your copy now – either on Kindle, Amazon paperback or hardcover, or DIRECT through me, AUTOGRAPHED!

I greatly appreciate the support. Thank you so much for doing so!

Dissonance Volume I: Reality is…PUBLISHED!

Hello to my friends and family!

Thank you for reading my blog, and welcome to my new site for my new novel series, “Dissonance.”

Many of you know that I made an attempt to return to music in 2023 that ultimately failed. But there burns within me a fire to create, and all my life I’ve put together products and commemorative keepsakes that leave a legacy. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do: create something memorable. Last year it was with music.

This year it’s with authoring. I’ve penned five books on multimedia production/business, as well as a biography many years ago, AND in the early nineties, I wrote nearly an entire fictional novel…which I subsequently deleted. It didn’t represent where I was going in my life at the time, nor where I wanted to go, so I killed it off.

But that fire never died. It was reborn in October as I set to work on a novel trilogy entitled “Dissonance.” In just three weeks I had penned the first volume in that fictional series, Volume I: Reality. I am currently 53 pages into Volume II: Reckoning. This is a story that has inspired me, terrified me, motivated me, encouraged me, and pushed my creative desire forward. It represents elements from literature and cinema that have inspired me, terrified me, motivated me, and encouraged me. It is sci-fi/dystopian/post-apocalyptic in nature, and is a non-stop thrill ride with intrigue, terror, questioning, learning, and decisions.

I LOVE BEING AN AUTHOR! And I love being a published one! If you like fiction – and even if you don’t – would you consider supporting me please? I’m a tremendously happy and grateful guy, but even more so when I create. And I’m loving this new chapter in my life.

You can grab a copy of the first volume of my books from the Shop page by clicking here. There are several options to choose from: signed paperback and hardcover editions, or purchases through Amazon or on Kindle. I’m also 3 chapters into recording the audiobook for my first novel.

Thank you so much for your support! I deeply appreciate it! Each novel sold supports my family, and so please believe me when I say that I’m immeasurably grateful.


Aaron Ryan, author

Prepare for publishing!

Dissonance Volume I will be published immediately after the new year! I’m tremendously excited. 319 pages of gripping tension, adventure, horror, and discovery.

Enlist below to stay tuned about the release!


The Series

Its “Aliens” meets “A Quiet Place” in this dystopian sci-fi thriller series.

Welcome to my website. I’m excited to share my new series with you.

The war against the gorgons is not over yet.

Stay tuned for more details!