18. Forecast

(Current Work-in-progress)

What if you could see into the future, but what you saw terrified you?  Would you attempt to intervene?  And the million-dollar question: what if intervening would inevitably cause the calamity you saw, and nothing would have happened had you left it alone? Meet Roland Bishop, a 34-year-old meteorologist from New Jersey.  One fateful day, he is on his way to Manhattan when he is struck by lightning, but survives. Once recovered, he is able to see glimpses of the future by merely being in close proximity to those preparing to commit atrocities.  In a chance meeting with a psychologist, Roland discovers he can see on a wavelength of future imagery that has been slingshot around the sun and projected back to him. Bishop must sacrifice his pride, his position, and his present to shield the future from those in his time who would do harm to others.  The only question is, will Bishop save eventual victims from calamity, or will he become an unwitting facilitator to the atrocities he’s trying to prevent?

17. How to Successfully Self-Publish & Promote Your Independent Book

CAN YOU BE A SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR WITH A SUCCESSFUL BOOK?  THE ANSWER IS YES! Self-publishing and marketing of an independent book can be a challenge!  In this publishing guide, bestselling author Aaron Ryan shares decades of experience in business and in self-publishing to enable you to have the tools you need to succeed in self-publishing and self-promotion.  To market and self-publish a book doesn’t have to be a scary specter!  You can self-publish your book effectively, and market or promote it successfully in today’s book marketplace. Aaron effectively lays out multiple business strategies, experience, self-publishing steps, resources, tips and tricks, techniques, marketing approaches, and proven tactics to self-publish a bestselling book for your target audience.  This is a must in the Writing, Research & Publishing Guides for Authors category! The bestselling author of the “Dissonance” alien invasion sci-fi quadrilogy spares no expense in his 17th book as he shares three decades of business experience, marketing expertise and self-publishing know-how in a fun, conversational style sure to inform and equip.

16. The Superhero Anomaly

Published 6.10.24

Taking cues from Dave Barry and Dale Carnegie, bestselling author Aaron Ryan of the “Dissonance” sci-fi quadrilogy swerves aside to take you on a fantastical business and life journey.

“The Superhero Anomaly: A Comical Look at Balancing Life & Business” is a self-help business & life book for all entrepreneurs striving for balance between work and life. This rat-race ladder-climbing society in which we live demands everything from us, and sometimes the dividends don’t come until years later, if at all. Aaron peels back the layers on the secrets of staying sane, staying patient, staying focused, and staying driven: all keys to surviving and thriving in business and in life. Transparent, forthright and in some places deeply personal and vulnerable, Aaron shares three decades worth of observations that have helped him become a success in multiple areas of business, all the while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Written from the perspective of sole proprietorship spanning thirty years across multiple ventures, Aaron’s insight brings fresh and keen slaps in the face to remind you of truths you had perhaps forgotten.

15. Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation

Published 6.6.24

This is the prequel to the “Dissonance” trilogy. They came one day and just hovered there in the sky. Three months later, eighty-five percent of humanity was dead. Andrew Shipley was just like the rest of humanity, going about his business and providing for his family when the aliens came. They descended down from the sky, silently, in June of 2026, hovering at a geostationary orbit over our planet for three months. No one knew what they wanted nor why they were here. And then, on September 3rd 2026, they suddenly activated and hunted down all of mankind. No one knew what to do, and no one could fight back. The aliens had a terrifying ability to paralyze us where we stood, consuming us at their leisure. Soon, all of humanity would learn the Number One Rule as it pertains to gorgons: You just… don’t… look. Pandemonium ensues and chaos erupts as Andrew races against both time and hope in order to get his family to safety from a terrifying species that has invaded Earth for its own nefarious purposes. Notable author Aaron Ryan takes us back in this terrifying prequel to his alien invasion “Dissonance” trilogy. Volume Zero is a truly horrifying and gritty tale of mankind’s greatest war.

This is the prequel to the “Dissonance” trilogy.

14. Dissonance Volume III: Renegade

Published 5.18.24

Cameron Shipley has gone rogue. He is now a renegade under Captains Vance Cardona and Miguel Monzon, along with other members of his team. A resistance has formed in the wake of horrifying revelations that President Graham has sinister intentions that will cause the murder of thousands of humans, and adversely affect the whole of humanity. After immeasurable loss and against incredible odds, the team of renegades heads to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio to launch their counterattack against two deadly enemies. First, the gorgons, and their terrifying queen, must be dealt with. They have wreaked havoc on planet Earth long enough. And secondly, President Graham must be brought to justice. Will Captain Shipley have the fortitude to follow his moral compass and listen to the urging of his superiors, bringing about eventual justice? Or will he seek to avenge the deaths of his loved ones? All the while, he must remember the single most important truth as it relates to gorgons: You just… don’t… look. Bestselling author Aaron Ryan concludes the epic journey begun in “Dissonance Volume I: Reality” in an increasingly tense future Earth, set amidst a gritty and post-apocalyptic environment in this final chapter of his alien invasion military thriller series.

13. Reflections (Book of poetry)

Published 5.2.24

A compilation of journals and poetry by bestselling author Aaron Ryan, author of the “Dissonance” sci-fi alien invasion trilogy.  44 original works created beginning in 1993 and spanning thirty years of artistry.  Contains the epic “Ode to Tolkien”, as well as “Slipping down to the Dreamworld,” “Hook,” “Who?”, “Blanket,” “Trials,” “Earthblood,” and many others.

12. Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning

Published 3.20.24

Sergeant Cameron “Jet” Shipley lost everyone to the gorgons and has lost faith in the integrity of his own Command. But Cameron’s loss didn’t stop there. In a world rife with apocalyptic danger, it has become painfully apparent that humanity is still, even in the very throes of annihilation, at war with itself. Finding himself a prisoner and eventual outlaw at the hands of those whom he once trusted most, Cameron must put his fate in the hands of his trusted confidants Lieutenant Allison Trudy, Private Liam “Fox” Mayfield, and Staff Sergeant Joseph Bassett once more, endangering their very lives and freedom, as they and others come to his aid to join in the inevitable revolt against those in power who fail to see the truth: power corrupts, even on the very brink of extinction. Shipley and his team must race against time to find compatriots who share their views, amassing support against the true foe. All the while, they must evade a merciless alien species that will not stop until the earth’s resources are drained dry, reducing it to a barren wasteland. In their quest for truth, they must remember one simple tenet as it pertains to the gorgons: “One look, and it’s all over.” Bestselling author Aaron Ryan continues the epic journey begun in Volume I in an increasingly tense post-apocalyptic landscape, set amidst a gritty, attainable future Earth in this alien invasion thriller series.

11. Dissonance Volume I: Reality

Published 1.1.24

“One look, and it’s all over.” There are some rules you never forget. Above all else, whatever you do, you never look directly at a gorgon. Now, plug your ears… because the war for humanity has begun. Sergeant Cameron “Jet” Shipley was there when they first arrived in 2026. For 16 long years, he learned to hide. To never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all about the gorgons: You just… don’t… look. The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows. Shipley and his team are sent out on a recon mission with developments that will alter the trajectory of Earth’s fate… and his own. Joined by newcomers Bassett and Trudy, Cameron and his brother Rut will have to contend with a terrifying alien species that have annihilated eighty-five percent of mankind. Will his mission lead him on a slippery slope of discovery that demands accountability? Or will it plunge humanity, and everything in it, into further dissonance? Bestselling author Aaron Ryan crafts a harrowing tale of epic tension, set amidst a gritty post-apocalyptic Earth, in this aliens thriller debut and bestselling new release.

10. Five T’s To Triumph in Voiceover Casting

Published 2.23.23

Joshua Alexander (former voiceover pen name), longtime voiceover artist and author of the “It’s The Voices In My Head” Blog at www.itsthevoicesinmyhead.com, as well as “The Super Voiceover Artist Book Trilogy” and “Running a Successful Voiceover Business” (www.supervoiceoverbook.com), shows you how he books jobs in the art and industry of voiceovers. Using a five-pronged approach to auditioning, this voiceover business coach tears the veil of mystery away from the ways to get cast for voiceover work. “The Five T’s To Triumph” is a comprehensive and honest look at how Joshua tackles each and every audition in order to get cast. As in Joshua’s previous books, he speaks conversationally and candidly, with an empowering humility coming from someone who has experienced a very great measure of success in voiceovers, and wants to pass along his secrets to help you attain a similar measure of success. “The Five T’s To Triumph” is sure to enlighten you through an easy read on your road to becoming a successful voiceover artist.

9. How Do I Get Started In Voiceovers?

Published 12.17.21

Joshua Alexander, voiceover artist and author of the “It’s The Voices In My Head” Blog at www.itsthevoicesinmyhead.com as well as “The Super Voiceover Artist Book Trilogy and “Running a Successful Voiceover Business” at www.supervoiceoverbook.com, offers a step-by-step introduction into the world of voiceovers. In this book you will learn best practices for success in voiceovers, and hitting the ground running. Joshua outlines mistakes to avoid, and recommended steps for success. “How do I get started in Voiceovers” is a question asked by many, and repeatedly. As in Joshua’s previous books, he speaks conversationally, with an empowering humility coming from someone who has experienced a great measure of success in voiceovers, and wants to pass along his secrets to help you attain a similar measure of success. “How do I get started in Voiceovers” is sure to enlighten you through an easy read on your road to becoming a successful voiceover artist.

8. Voiceovers: A Super Responsibility

Published 10.11.21

In this heartfelt conclusion to the Super Voiceover Artist Book Series trilogy, noted voiceover artist, author and blogger Joshua Alexander drives the point home: voiceovers are a super responsibility. They’re not just for anyone, and they carry with them a massive onus of gravity, knowing that each script demands our very best. Digging deep into examples of celebrity, stories of vulnerability, and challenging the reader to go understand their calling, “VOICEOVERS: A Super Responsibility” is a fitting end to Joshua’s “Super Voiceover Artist Book Series.” Joshua Alexander runs the It’s The Voices In My Head Blog at www.itsthevoicesinmyhead.com, and maintains the Global Voiceover Artists Network on Facebook at www.gvoa.net. He is a voice talent, trainer, encourager, blogger, author, and consultant, and takes great pride in his responsibilities in voiceovers. Booking an average of 15-20 jobs a week, he pursues voiceovers tenaciously, and has proven himself as a voiceover superstar and a force for good in the VO world.

7. Running a Successful Voiceover Business

Published 3.26.21

In this “beginner-friendly guide to a voiceover business”, notable voice talent, author and blogger Joshua Alexander provides comprehensive and personally-based guidance on the proper formation and operation of a successful business in voiceovers. Leaning heavily into his own operations that have led him to become one of the most frequently-booked voice talent in the industry today, this book is sure to provide you the inspiration and knowledge you’ll need to develop a thriving voiceover business. Committed to his identity as a businessman first and foremost, Joshua offers a full picture of what it takes to succeed in today’s evolving and yet saturated voiceover marketplace. Over 138 pages, he covers business setup, marketing, tips and tricks, productivity helps, industry observations, strategies, goals, coaching, networking, as well as his own personal revelations from his voiceover journey. Step behind the mic! Learn for yourself how to run a successful Voiceover business from Joshua Alexander: Voice Talent, Speaker, Trainer, Author of the “Super Voiceover Artist Book Series”, and writer of your voiceover edutainment source, “The Voice Actor Blog.”

6. Voiceovers: A Super Fun Pursuit

Published 2.2.21

WARNING! LAUGHTER IS INEVITABLE! This is a peek inside the life and mind of a pioneering voiceover artist to experience what a day-to-day life in a voiceover career is like, as viewed through the prism of joy, excitement and laughter. Though not a book on voiceover technique, in this hilarious follow-up to his debut book “Voiceovers: A Super Business, A Super Life”, Seattle Voiceover Artist Joshua Alexander talks about coronavirus, moving, hoarding toilet paper, murder hornets, wedding videography, social unrest, the presidential election, hating Comcast, and everything else on his eclectic, zany and shrewd mind. Blending satire and personal experience with a unique insight into the day-to-day operations of a voiceover business owner, you’re sure to take a one-of-a-kind journey on a new kind of pursuit: a super fun one! This sequel to the first book in the series is full of satire, intrigue, inspiration, business tips, dragons, monsters, and valiant knights. Well, mainly just satire, intrigue, inspiration and business tips. Visit www.supervoiceoverbook.com to join the mailing list!

5. Voiceovers: A Super Business, A Super Life

Published 3.4.20

WARNING! LAUGHTER IS INEVITABLE! This is a peek inside the life and mind of a pioneering voiceover artist to experience what a day-to-day life in a voiceover career is like, as viewed through the prism of joy, excitement and laughter. Though not a book on technique, Joshua Alexander’s book “Voiceovers: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life” is a compendium of everything this Voice Talent has learned in 30 years of voiceovers, and almost two decades running multiple successful businesses. Featuring rich business insights balanced with hilarious satirical observations and anecdotes in the style of Dave Barry and Steven Wright, as well as vulnerable transparency, Joshua’s comedic outlook on life is sure to bring you valuable Information and direction, along with immeasurably encouraging motivation and inspiration in the pursuit of your own voiceover dreams and goals. With a foreword by industry veteran voiceover coach Scott Burns, it’s a mammoth “how to” on running a successful voiceover business, along with much-needed inspiration in a career full of “rejection.” Highly conversational in its delivery, it contains shrewd tips and tricks on marketing as well as hilarious observations and satirical musings. Joshua offers an eclectic take on the day-to-day operations of a voiceover business man. Outlining the difference between hobbyist and business owner in stark detail, this book is a wonderfully inspiring and refreshing perspective for all those exploring the exciting world of voiceovers, or veterans seriously seeking to up their game.

4. Autobiography (Private) – no longer available

Released in 2013

Aaron published a private autobiography, a memoir of his life so far, that is no longer available.

3. Glimmerings (Poetry) – no longer available

Published 12.11.97

A compendium of 52 original poetic works by Aaron Ryan. No longer available in its original form but soon to be re-released!

2. The Omega Room (abandoned, early 90s)

Abandoned in early 90’s.

Four teens stumble onto military secrets that will leave them fleeing for their lives. Afraid and hunted by a maniacal rogue military leader who has commandeered an American military outpost with access to nuclear missiles, Marshall, Will, Jessica and Sarah must find a way to stop them at all costs.

1. The Electric Boy – first literary work!

Released in 1981.

“The Electric Boy” was Aaron Ryan’s first ever short story written, and it was penned as an assignment in 1981, when he was in 2nd grade. It is, of course, no longer in circulation and is in an attic somewhere.