Just a book about aliens?

Anything but!

With “Dissonance,” I really wanted to write a story about justice vs. revenge. I think we often confuse the two. My series takes place during a post-apocalyptic time where the earth has been ravaged by aliens that we’ve called “gorgons” due to their ability to telepathically freeze you where you stand, and consume you at their leisure. They’re truly terrifying.

But the subtle undercurrent, the referendum being made, is that even after 16 years of alien invasion, we’re still not getting along. We’re still living in dissonance. And there are those who are still confusing justice with revenge in their quest to solve the issues they see around them.

Check out Dissonance Volume I: Reality and Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning today, before Volume III drops in June 2024. Volume III is currently at 374 pages! It is truly one heckuva whopper. I can’t wait to send it out there and share it with the masses, because it’ s heavy. It’s epic. It’s awesome. Spoiler? Mankind wins back the earth. YAY!

Check out my series today – and thanks for your support!


Aaron Ryan