Screenplays, Trilogies & Prequels, oh my!

Well, I’m done! Just awaiting feedback from a few people including my beautiful wife on Dissonance Volume III: Renegade, and then it will publish on my 51st birthday, May 18th. (Fitting, isn’t it? Area 51 is full of aliens….my book is about aliens. Yeah. That.)

I mean it when I say that Dissonance Volume III: Renegade is POWERFUL. It’s going to blow you away!

BUT! I didn’t feel “released” from the trilogy yet, and I love where this story has gone, so I’ve begun work on a prequel. It is called….drum roll please… “Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation.” It’s going to cover when the gorgons actually arrived, and the mayhem that ensued. And, for your viewing pleasure, check out the cover!

ALSO! GREAT NEWS, if you haven’t heard already….I’m partnering with Alan Roth of Act Two Media to develop a screenplay of Dissonance Volume I: Reality for pitching to producers of streaming services like Netflix, Paramount+, Apple TV, Prime Video, etc.. I’m THRILLED with this development and ask for your prayers that it will go well and that we’ll get some interested parties. SUPER stoked about this.

Thank you for your support! Let me know what you think of the trilogy so far! How do you like the cover? What do you think about the news of the screenplay being created? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks again!